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"Me & Three Others" 

(Pilot episode, 22 minutes)


Co-Producer, Writer, Cinematographer, Director / Actor. 

A mockumentary-style sitcom following three modern day creatures living amongst humankind in the suburbs of San Diego. 

*Festival Updates*

Award Winner

New York Oniros Film Awards (Best Series Pilot)

New York International Film Awards (Best Series Pilot)

LGBTQ Unbordered International Film Festival (Best Pilot)


Malibu Film Festival (Best Episode)


Red Movie Awards (Best Web/TV Series)

Poster created by: Katelyn Lehmann

Links to Film Work

"Timelines" by Ileana Sung

"Initiation" Written and Directed by: Casey Smerczynski, Katie Forman, and Alessa Lewis

"It's Casual" Created by Mary V. Clemens-Sewell ‘20, Casey Smerczynski ’20, 
and Sophie Ragg ‘22

"Peabody Access to Justice"

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